25 Powerful Questions to Discover Your Strengths & Talents.  What are your unique gifts? What makes you special? Discover your strengths with the questions below!

25 Powerful Questions
25 Powerful Questions

25 Powerful Questions to Discover Your Strengths & Talents

I’ve put together this questionnaire to help you focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Read the questions and try to answer as honestly as you can. Take you time with this. Grab a coffee or tea and sit with it for while. If you send the form to me, I’d be delighted to get back to you. You will also receive a copy of the questions and answers in your email.


  • Fill in the answers in the boxes below to answer these questions, writing down whatever comes to mind, however small or unimportant it might seem.
  • Aim for at least 3 strengths or responses to each question.
  • Know that repeating answers are good – these highlight important strengths and themes.
  • If your answer is not a strength, ask, “What strength could lie underneath this?” or “What qualities helped me achieve this?”
  • Wrap-up by looking for common themes and patterns; review your answers and rewrite them in BLOCK CAPITALS for occurring strengths and themes.
  • Finally, write out what you consider (in the “Anything else you’d like to say” box) to be the Top 10 Strengths (and if you want on a separate piece of paper – then refer to this list often.)

Right, Let’s Get started…

    Getting Started: Make a list for each question

    What Others Think: Consider how you are seen by others

    Times You Have Been at Your Best: What lies underneath your success?

    Finding the Best in the Worst: What gifts are underneath those tough times?

    The Unusual and Unexplored: Yearnings, Admiration & More!

    That's it!

    Just leave your details and I'll get right back to you!