NLP Coach & Practitioner

Hi!  My name is Kellie Whitby, I’m a certified and licenced NLP & Time Ojen Therapy Coach.

Why Choose to Work with Me and Experience the Difference?

My coaching stands out for compelling reasons grounded in a distinct blend of my unique approach, perspective, and unwavering values. I don’t just offer guidance; I provide a transformative journey tailored to you. Let’s elevate your experience and redefine what coaching can truly achieve.

1. I give you a personalized approach

I tailor my coaching to your individual needs and goals. This personalized approach allows us to address specific challenges and aspirations, making your coaching experience more relevant and effective.

2. I work from a holistic perspective

My coaching will take into account various aspects of an your life, considering not only professional but also personal and your well-being aspects. My holistic approach will lead to more comprehensive and sustainable results.

3. I use Innovative techniques I incorporate NLP coaching techniques and
methodologies that set me apart. I stay updated with the latest trends and integrate
new approaches that make my coaching more dynamic and engaging.

4. We will use empowering focus. My coaching will be centered on empowering you
to discover your strengths, build self-awareness, and take ownership of your actions.
This focus on empowerment will lead to long-lasting positive changes.

5 I am results-driven. My coaching is known for producing tangible and meaningful
results, it sets me apart.

6. I am ethical. authentic and values-Driven. My coaching is grounded in strong
ethical principles and aligned with my personal values.

Ultimately, my coaching different. It is a combination of my unique skills,
experiences, values, and the specific approach I bring to help you achieve your

Ok so how does it work?

I love what makes you stand out. My mindset coaching is not like the usual – I
have my own way of doing things. Your quirks are not just accepted, I will celebrate
them. I appreciate everything special and different about you, whether it's a little
weird, wild, or wonderfully unique.

We will get results without the B.S.:*
Who needs fluff? Not me . I won't mince words or wrap things in pretty packaging. If
there's a hurdle, we’ll tackle it head-on. Expect results without the unnecessary

Uncover the Roots of Excuses and Transform Your Self-WorkLet's dive deep into the
origins of your excuses. What's holding you back from investing in your personal
growth? I don't just want to hear the surface reasons—I crave understanding the
underlying motivations. Let's unearth those barriers, cast them off the edge of the
world, and pave the way for the changes you desperately desire and truly need. It's
time to break free from limitations and embrace your transformative journey.

Engage in Raw and Real Conversations
Prepare for conversations that hit the bullseye. No more dancing around the issues.
Your life, challenges, and the solutions we craft together—laid out in the open,
stripped of any unnecessary noise. Let's cut to the chase and embark on a journey of
direct and impactful transformation.

We will tailor it to you groove
This isn't a one-size-fits-all experience. Your journey is uniquely yours, and our
approach reflects that. Together, we'll create a plan that syncs with your rhythm.

We will do this together – I’ve got your back:*
I’m not just your coach; I’m your partner in crime, your co-conspirator for a life less
ordinary. We wil celebrate victories, navigate the storms, and revel in the journey.

Get in touch to discuss whats next for you

So why choose me to help you?

Ive had a very colourful life, from a narcissistic marriage and drug addiction to
alcohol dependant and a cancer diagnosis that left me wondering if I would see my
children grow into adults.
Fast forward ten years and I have changed from a victim to a survivor. Not only have
I survived the curve balls life has thrown at me I have chewed them up and spat
them out again.

Through resilience and strength I have saved my own life. The courage that I found
deep inside when I most needed it still surprises me to this day.
How in the hell did I get here in on piece? I’m a true believer the universe has your
back and will keep you safe as long as you listen. I didn’t listen for a long time and I
paid the price.
Now its my time to help you listen to your calling. Listen to why your really here.
What is it that you are meant for?
Self belief comes from within. Once you believe in yourself the world is your lobster
So…………. What can I help you with?
Less self doubt – more self belief
Less fear – more courage
Less Imposter syndrome – more confidence
Less limiting beliefs – more belief in yourself
Less self-criticism – more self-compassion
Less hesitation – more decisiveness
Less comparison – more self-appreciation
Less perfectionism – more embracing imperfection
Less negativity – more positivity
Less holding back – more expressing yourself
Less dwelling on the past – more focusing on the present and future
Less external validation – more internal validation
Less fixed mindset – more growth mindset