I was Feeling Stuck in a Rut…

“Before meeting Kellie I was feeling stuck in a rut, with no focus, struggling with being productive in anything, work or home life, struggling with anxiety and feeling uncomfortable in certain situations.

Since completing the initial program I have learned and understood more about the best way to increase my focus and therefore be more productive, to break down tasks that feel so overwhelming to even consider starting, and using Kellie’s techniques to take away anxiety or feeling uncomfortable in certain situations , the noticeable changes are extremely impressive and have given me positive ways to move forward in my personal and work goals.

I was able to let go of what Kellie calls the “the big five”. Anger, sadness fear hurt & guilt from my past.

This coaching with Kellie has been an exceptional experience in so many ways where I can move forward, I already feel more comfortable with who I am and where I am right now and the direction I want to go in It has given me confidence in situations where I would have previously felt anxious, testing this out in a real life situation only a few days ago, on the day at the venue I didn’t feel anxious, I felt confident and didn’t lose my focus on what I needed to do even with many people there, it was an amazing feeling.

I am really happy and thankful to Kellie for the positive results she has helped me achieve over the last few months and what an amazing difference it has made to my everyday life where I know I can continue on the right path.”

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