Blood Test Testimonial

“I have been petrified of having blood tests for as long as I can remember Previous blood tests have resulted in lots of anxiety the days leading up to it and the day of, breakdowns, tears and even fainting. I was very dramatic. I’m not sure where the fear came from, but it was there.

After just one session (yes ONE session!) with Kellie, I walked into my most recent blood test with little to no anxiety or fear whatsoever, sat in that chair, and got my blood taken! With not a tear or faint in sight! I walked out with such a big smile on my face! Feeling very proud of my self, as this was something I have struggled with for a long time.

Thank you so so much to Kellie for working with me on this!

You’ve not seen the last of me yet! I’ve got a few more fears I want to nip in the bud asap!”

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